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Posted Feb 1 2012, 12:55 am

What happens when a woman sees no way out of a suffocating and dangerous marriage? Or when a nun hears the warnings of angels? Or when a dark and sensuous man is willing to risk everything, including the woman he loves, to prove his own innocence?






  • 02/03/12

Clovis, NM

Hastings, 5 to 7 pm 


Celebrate the release of Third Grave Dead Ahead

  • 02/04/12

Lubbock, TX

Barnes & Noble, 2 to 4 pm


  • 02/10/12

Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque Science Fiction Society, 6:30 to 10 pm


  • 02/11/12

Albuquerque, NM

Page 1 Bookstore, 4 to 7 pm 


  • 02/18/12

Amarillo, TX

Barnes & Noble, 2 to 4 pm 


  • 02/19/12

Roswell, NM

Hastings, 2 to 4 pm


  • 02/24/12

Albuquerque, NM

Alamosa Books, TBA


  • 03/17/12

Plano, TX

Barnes & Noble, 5 to 7 pm

@ Creekwalk Village





21 responses to “HAPPY PUB DAY!!!”

  1. Cindy says:

    Love the books, keep them coming.

  2. Trish says:

    Bah…cliffhangers! Loved the book, can’t wait for the next one!

  3. eli yanti says:

    congrats darynda 😉

  4. Kim R. says:

    Loved # 3!!! I hope we get to see Charley learn more powers and get to see more of the Nun in the next one!!!!! The 3 biker dudes were so cool, and i love Charley’s new gaurdian. Can not wait til the next one!

  5. Deborah says:

    The audiobook is gone from both Audible and iTunes 🙁
    Will it make a reappearance?

  6. Wendy Johnson says:

    Just discovered you on Downloaded books 1 & 2 and pre-ordered 3 immediately. I love the series and the setting. My husband and I are crazy about the Land of Enchantment and plan to retire there in a few years. It is so much fun to read about NM in your books. Charley is a great character and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  7. Rosa says:

    Hey there so Mom was reading the book oon her nooks and i got the book from and im wondering whats going on. The ending is different in both books with Garet dying so I’m wondering what happen there. Because well is he live or is he dead because in one the book book he alive but in the audible book he dead. Can you just drop me an e-mail telling me what on earth is going on with that? Thanks,

    • Rosa says:

      never mind about that i got the audible letter on my e-mail saying what happen and might i say thats never happen to me before and is to crazy lol and im glad that he comes back to life

  8. Myranda says:

    I loved this book so much! I haven’t been able to put down a book of yours that I’m reading–I have to read until it’s over. And then I’m immediately ready for the next one! I was crying like a baby at the end…I think you’ve made me cry at the end of every book in the series!

  9. Sarah says:

    I have read all three bo. Love your work, Darynda!! I look forward to more!

  10. Lisa says:

    I LOVE these books!!!
    I can’t wait until the next one!!

  11. Beverly says:

    Getting book 3 tommorrow… can’t wait for more…. please tell me this is not the last one! I’ve never read this style book before. Always went for like Barbara Cartland. But was at the store and this one sounded good so I bought 1st grave on the right…. HAD TO HAVE the next one…now I HAVE to have the third one… and worried I won’t have enough even then…. WOW what a series. I think about it all day long and rush the kids to bed so I can read …. please continue…these are amazing! My mom is waiting for 2nd grave on the left…. already shared my 1st grave on the right…. LOVE LOVE THEM…

  12. Beverly says:

    OH forgot… my 13 year old granddaughter read the back of 2nd grave on the left and thought I would share the books with her….. I think not yet…. I kept her in a Christian School for a reason…. but I will save them for when she is old enough for the adult content… LOL

  13. Lena says:

    Just finished your first book on audio – LOVE the narrator (she’s a favorite of mine). I’m hooked!!

  14. Judy says:

    Dear Darynda:
    I absolutely love every one of your books! I just, boo hoo, finished Third Grave Dead Ahead and I’m having withdrawal symptoms. I can’t say it any better than Library Journal when they said, “Jones skillfully establishes the novel’s setting and keeps up the pace with plenty of action. And let’s be honest-the sex is pretty hot, too.” I’d like to add that I love your characters namely Reyes and Garrett and most of all, Charlie. The way you’ve kept the integrity of the stories is amazing so all in all–I’m a huge fan and when is the next book coming out??!!

  15. Patty says:

    When will Book 3 be available on Audible?

  16. Loleaf says:

    You are too AWESOME for words!!!! Please keep more Charley coming, she is a character you could probably write about forever!! (and Reyes, and Garrett, and Cookie, and Angel, and let’s not forget Donovan. ;-). OMG!! Like I said “AWESOME”!!!!!

  17. Alicia says:

    I loved it! It was the best of the 3 and I hope a new one won’t be too long! I might need therapy if I have to wait!

  18. Amber says:

    Can anyone tell me why third grave is gone from audible?

  19. Traci Coker says:

    Need to come to The Woodlands, TX. I grew up in west TX but dang that is one serious commute…

  20. Elen says:

    Just wanted to say Thanks!!! I just met you at the signing in Plano! You are very sweet, I feel kind of dorky, but I really do love Charley, I can’t wait for the next book!
    Hope you and your charming brother (wink, wink), have fun in TX!

    Take care!

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