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First Grave on the Right

Fun Facts

  • Charley’s name was originally Harley Davidson, lol. Yeah, it was worth a shot.
  • Originally, Charley was NOT the grim reaper. She was more like a sarcastic version of The Ghost Whisperer. But an agent who was interested in the story early on said that concept had been done to death. He wanted something bigger. And the real Charley Davidson was born! (Then the agent rejected her.)
  • Darynda stole the name Reyes from a kid while she was working as an interpreter, as well as the name Federico. She hopes they’re okay without them.
  • The character for Uncle Bob is very much based on Darynda’s brother Luther.
  • Misery is based on that same brother’s cherry red Jeep Wrangler.
  • Charley’s attention span is quite similar to the author’s.
  • Swopes (ie, Garrett Swopes) is Darynda’s BFF’s last name.