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Posted Mar 19 2011, 3:45 am

So, um, yeah, I have a short story up at an AWESOME new website called Heroes and Heartbreakers. Did I forget to mention that? Let me know what you think!


For I have Sinned


57 responses to “FOR I HAVE SINNED”

  1. Kim R. says:

    Loved the short story. The chemistry between Charley and Reyes is smokin hot!!!! Thanks for writing such wonderful works.

  2. Where does this book fit in the series order wise?

  3. Jan Wragg says:

    I just read “First Grave on the right” , I loved the original scenario – how you portrayed the quirky humour, sexy scenes and vulnerabilty of the main characters.
    I then read “I have sinned” it was a great idea to show Charley and the passing over process from the other perspective.

    When will the next book be published? Please tell me it is SOON !!!!

  4. Becca B says:

    I just read First Grave on the Right, and then the deleted scenes on the website. I loved them both!! I was wondering too if in this short story when Reyes talks about the knife to her throat is that from the deleted ending or something else entirely?
    Love the book and can’t wait to read the next one August is far to long to wait!!

    • Hi Becca!

      Yeah, that was actually from Third Grave. Since it is officially Charley Davidson 1.5, I probably should have left that part out. LOL. So, um, when you get to Third Grave, it will make much more sense! 🙂

      Hugs and thanks again!

  5. Hi Darynda, I just discovered your books and read the first one. I loved it. I am the creator of the facebook page Bookies and we’ve just reached 400 fans. At 500 I’ll be having a BIG contest. I have been asking some of my favorite authors if they would be willing to donate anything book related to the giveaways and you came to my mind. Is there any way I could get a signed book, bookmark, or anything really? If not that is completely okay but I wanted to ask. Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you want to check the page out and see what i do the link is below. Thanks again
    Beccie Weaver

    • Hey Beccie!

      I’d love to donate a signed book to the cause! lol. If you’ll just send me the winner’s name and address when the time comes, I can send them the book. Or I can send it to you beforehand and you can pass it along. Either way.

      You can email me the info at


  6. Amanda W. says:

    I just finished First Grave on the Right. I couldn’t put it down and can’t wait for the next book to come out! August can’t come fast enough for me. I liked all the main characters of the book and their different quirks and mannerisms. But the chemistry between Charley and Reyes….WOW!

  7. Anita says:

    Hi Darynda,
    Just finished First Grave on the Right. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED IT!!!!!!! Couldn’t put it down. I reread the last 15 pages about 20x because it tells so much about Reyes and you get the true sense of how deep his feelings run for Dutch 🙂 Just wondering if you considered doing a book from Reyes perspective. From his birth, to life in hell as a general, to his first sighting of her, and the waiting of centuries til she came to earth and he joined her there etc… it would be a treasured jewel and one i think your readers would eat up and reinforce the strength of their relationship and his deep love for her…sigh… 🙂

    • Wow, thank you SOOOO much, Anita!!! I had never even thought of that, but what a fantastic idea! It would be so much fun to write.

      Off to ponder this new concept. hmmmmm…

      • Anita says:

        weeeeeeeeeeeeeee you must tell me if this will transpire 🙂 so excited but trying not to keep my hopes up…Reyes is an extraordinary being and I am all but head over heels for him 🙂

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  8. Samantha G. says:

    I loved first grave on the right and have already pre-ordered the ur next novel….it was hilarious and always had me coming bad to read more. I can’t wait to read Charley’s next adventure. SG

  9. Shay says:

    The shorts feed my Darynda Jones jones, and I thank you for them, but when will the meal be on the table? I’m having Charley and Reyes withdrawal, I can’t take it much longer!!

    • LOL, Shay! Thank you! Second Grave comes out in August. And did you read For I have Sinned at Heroes and Heartbreakers? It’s a Charley and Reyes short.

      Big hugs!

  10. Micaela says:

    Loved first grave on the right.
    can’t wait for second grave on the left.
    Thanks for Sharing this short novella with us.Will this novella ( book 1.5) ever be available for download on eform ( Kindle)
    also…Is the cover on Goodreads the official cover for Third Grave Dead Ahead. (It’s red and she’s also wearing red converse shoes) if so That’s one Hot cover .

    And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE … Write a book from Reyes Perspective. That’s such a cool idea

    • Thank you so much, Micaela!!!! I believe SMP is making it available in e-format, so it should be out soon. And as far as I know, that is the final cover for Third Grave. Is that thing awesome or what??? I love it so much!!!

      I would love to write something from Reyes’s perspective. His story is just fascinating.

  11. Heidi says:

    Loved It! Loving the series and looking forward for more.

  12. Famata says:

    Hi Mrs. Jones I have read your books First Grave on The Right, For I Have Sinned, and Second Grave on The Left and I’m about to go check out Third Grave Dead Ahead. And I all I can say is thank you, thank God, thank you, and thank God Thank God for creating you, and thank you for being an author. And please DON’T hesitate for writing a book from THE ONE AND SEXY REYES ALEXANDER FARROW’S point of vew. lol i think I sounded like Elaine Oake there a little.
    Oh and did you know your initials are D.J? That’s cool. lol I’m sure you knew.

  13. Heather says:

    Just wanted to say that I love all your books. So how many books will be in the series? And the book (For I Have Sinned) is 1.5? If thats the case, what is the next book to come out and what is the title? The books are amazing!!

  14. Kaye says:

    Omg I just read the first and second book and is on the third one theses books are so good I think better then twilight and that is coming from some one that really don’t read books…. I don’t want to read the third one bc I will be done in a week and I will have to wait till October for the forth…:( I just cant put them down I read the summary of the forth book and kind of scared bc it breaks my heart to know Charliey and reays is not going to be involved with each other I really hope the book ends with them together. To know he went to earth just for her and to not be together in the end… I can’t ask u to tell me what happens but ugh but theses books are great I hope it will have a great ending on the forth book…is there going to be a fifth book in the future bc another thing that bothers me is knowing the books are going to end that is how great they r I don’t want them to end… But great job on them

  15. Stacey says:

    Love the series and hanging out for the next book (next week or the week after).

    However this half story is not available in Australia. Any idea when we can get it? Or how?

  16. Allie Kailey says:

    I have to tell you, I picked up First Grave on the Right on the “New” bookshelf at the Library. I was not familiar with any of the grave books. They are AMAZING! I have read all but For I Have Sinned. So has my husband and daughter. I like the “Reyes” idea for a series of books. But I would miss the quirkiness between Charley and Cookie. Not sure Reyes would have that(?) You have your work cut out for you. Good luck with all your future Charley books. Write faster. Hehehe.

    • Lizabeth says:

      Now that’s sulbet! Great to hear from you.

    • I like your site but I don't care for your front page. I have to click the link to view every deal. I like to be able to go right down a page and click on the deals. I also have to scroll over to see your whole page now. The little preview photo is usually messed up looking.

    • Mark, you are getting it wrong. The notion of page is not going anywhere. If you want to be able to quote a book, you need an universally agreeable page number. For TOC/picture index/tables index, you need it too. It may take one or more screens of iPhone or the device of your choice to display a page, but the page is here to stay. Take a look at Sony’s implementation of ePub to get a clue what I’m talking about – just pressing “Next” doesn’t necessarily getting you to the next page. To the next screen, positively.

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  17. Allie Kailey says:

    I want a Reyes Farrow T-Shirt that says “I want a Reyes Farrow of my own”, or a bumper sticker…… FAN CLUB!!!

  18. Azeleena says:

    I love the books your wrote with reyes and charley i mean damn it was so wonderful i read up to the 3rd book in one day i just couldn’t put it down it was amazing you have to write more books just like these ones please i beg you lol

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  23. Patricia says:

    I have read first grave on the right all the way to fifth grave past the light I am working on sixth grave on the edge and I’m waiting I the edge of my seat for the seventh one to hit the shelves… You are a amazing writer how you come up with the story lines as you do is amazing I can officially say you have the number one spot for my favorite authors…. Please continue the series I absolutely love love love them!!!!!

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