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Second Grave on the Left

Fun Facts

  • Darynda ended up cutting four subplots from Second Grave. She likes subplots. Her editor, the spectacular Jennifer Enderlin, does too. Just not seventeen of them.
  • There are references to two of Darynda’s favorite groups, Blue Oyster Cult and Pink Floyd. She also loves about five hundred others, but there just wasn’t room.
  • While there is no Chocolate Coffee Café in Albuquerque, there is a Chocolate Café and Bakery and a Nestlé’s Café. Darynda tries not to drool when she ponders that fact. Bad for the keyboard.
  • Reyes Farrow was originally based on actor Jason Behr. And he pretty much still is. –>
  • Rocket’s abandoned mental asylum was a real state-run mental institution and still sits in Albuquerque to this day.
  • Pari is named after a good writer friend of Darynda’s, Pari Noskin Taichert.