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Sixth Grave on the Edge

Fun Facts

  • Sixth Grave introduces a new character who will play a vital role in the future of things to come. Darynda started out calling him the Dealer (because that’s what he is) with the goal of gracing him with a real name by the end of the book. However, she never could come up with one, so he is still called the Dealer going into Seventh Grave.
  • Darynda auctioned off the chance to name a ghost in Sixth Grave on Brenda Novak’s Annual Auction for the Cure of Diabetes. That is how the naked dead man riding shotgun in Misery got his name.
  • The Rocketbuster Boots Angel’s mom is wearing when she confronts Charley are real. They are out of El Paso, Texas, and hand make boots to die for.
  • Darynda has been obsessed with the name Miranda since River uttered that fateful word while watching an ad for Fruity Oaty Bars and then kicking everyone’s asses for no apparent reason.