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True Confessions of Charley Davidson fans!

Posted Jun 27 2016, 8:34 pm

EEEEEP!!! THIS! This is why I write! 

Thank you thank you thank you! 





3 responses to “True Confessions of Charley Davidson fans!”

  1. Yelina says:

    Now I’m cursed! I should have never pre-ordered the book. I tried to draw out the pleasure of reading, but now it’s gone. Book done. Cursed to wait for the Eleventh. Gah! How long must this tourcher last?

  2. Shannon LaDuke says:

    I soooo love the Charley Davidson books! They make laugh, they make me cry, and each story is so wonderful! Thanks for sharing her with us. I also wish I had a Reyes, that man is soooo wonderful! Darynda, thank you for expressing your wonderful talent in these characters.

  3. Semene says:

    Hi Darynda. Hope you are good. I am a big fan of your serie of the grave. But don’t know what happened cause I see that in Spanish we don’t have any more the translation of the book. I can find in Google book in French and English. Would like to know if it will came soon. I started reading in Spanish and is hard to change it to English. Hope you can give me a feed back. Have a nice day. Best regards

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