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 Charley Davidson Series

1.        First Grave On the Right

1.5.    For I Have Sinned

2.      Second Grave On the Left

3.      Third Grave Dead Ahead

4.      Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet

5.      Fifth Grave Past the Light

6.      Sixth Grave On the Edge

7.      Seventh Grave and No Body

8.     Eighth Grave After Dark

8.5   Brighter Than the Sun

9.     The Dirt on Ninth Grave

10.  The Curse of Tenth Grave

11.   Eleventh Grave in Moonlight

12.   The Trouble with Twelfth Grave

13.   Summoned to Thirteenth Grave


Special Short Stories in the Charley Davidson Series

Glow  (Takes place during Fifth Grave Past the Light)

Shimmer (Takes place during Fifth Grave Past the Light)

A Very Charley Christmas (Takes place after The Curse of Tenth Grave)


 Darklight Series

1.   Death and the Girl Next Door

2.  Death, Doom and Detention

3.  Death and the Girl He Loves


 Sunshine Vicram Series

1.   A Bad Day for Sunshine ~ Coming APRIL 20202



 Short Stories

1.   Twelve Shades of Midnight (A Paranormal Romance Anthology) – A Lovely Drop

2.   Heroes of Phenomena – Sentry

3.  Dark Screams: Volume Three – Nancy